Inside the decrepit, diseased mansion lived a family that existed in a world of nightmares. The head of household, the malignant psychiatrist Dr. Frederick Lowell, worked in seclusion to realize his idea for the next stage of human evolution. His prized patients lived here as well. Dr. Lowell’s dark methods enabled some to exhibit unreal abilities such as telekinesis, gravity manipulation and thought control.

Yet before his even greater plan could be realized, he was murdered by his wife Cassandra.

Dr. Lowell's death left you without your master. You were scattered and alone, left to wander the outside.


You’ve finally returned from The Great War to face an even darker pain.Your nightmares have become unbearable. It is not only the gunfire, or severed limbs landing by your feet that haunt you. It is the mansion, your former home…and her voice.
Come home. Help me free our father from the darkness.
Time and again, she has called upon you in your dreams, pleading for help with a task she cannot perform alone.
Help me end his suffering and I will end yours.
Each night, her pleadings grow stronger. Her words burn deeper into your mind.
Find the grave...bring me the vial!
It is unavoidable. You've chosen to forget this place, yet ultimately your torment drives you back to the dark mansion to confront whatever it is that keeps sanity just out of reach.