1930. Wandering.

Something feels wrong...but this must be the place. There's nowhere left to go. The letter we found seems to promise another path:’ve wandered for years, running from the plague, searching for answers to your tormented thoughts. Why has God abandoned us? Or is there even such a thing? Why would such a righteous being allow the horror around us? You can only run for so long. Time follows one step behind, like a shadow nearing noon... Brooding whispers of an enlightened group of people called The Doctors spread as quickly as the virus. These mysterious figures promise a remedy to not only the plague but to a greater life, free of the oppression of God and human limitations.
But we just can’t stop the brooding thoughts of doubt and suspicion.
...we are all the good that is left in this world. When you arrive at the refuge make your way to the lounge, we will find you when the time is right... We have little choice. They must let us in.

1931. Refuge.

The inhabitants have long been holed up while the Blight rages on. Yet time and close quarters can breed dissent and friction. The plague spreads outside these walls while another, perhaps more disturbing, danger grows within. Disappearances and murders, rumored to be tied to The Doctors, occur more frequently now. The only seemingly safe place is the courtyard and lounge. Many have now taken refuge within the refuge. The walls are closing in. They drink, laugh, dance... masking the reality of their dire situation. Yet, with all great oppression comes resistance.