Delusion: Masque of Mortality is currently closed for 2013.
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The Original Interactive Horror Theatre Company Returns
''Hottest Ticket In LA.''-NPR,     ''...The Single Best Horror Event In LA''-Fangoria,      ''...A Psycological Thriller Sure To Keep You Up At Night.''-KCAL 9 Original Music Composed By Siddhartha Barnhoorn Sign up for the Haunted Play Newsletter!
Delusion-Masque of Mortality
An All New Psychologically Disturbing Play

The Experience

Imagine being a character in a horror/suspense film… connecting with actors in a way never experienced. You move through a dark, new world, immersed in a most unique theatrical experience. Your experience will be dictated by how deep you let yourself go. Lines between space, performer and audience shift. The action happens within the world you explore. You must participate to fully realize your journey into darkness. You will be asked to perform certain safe actions to move the twisted tale forward.
Come to the refuge,
and play your part.
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